Lice-Removal Salon Moved to Concord

Reception was not warm in Martinez when City Council reversed approval of business.

A lice-removal business has opened in a Concord after receiving being treated like a pest in Martinez.

Pamela Gay and Sofia Deleuse have opened Comb It Out in an obscure corner of the Clayton Center on Clayton Road, the Contra Costa Times reported.

In Martinez last spring, the City Council agreed that city rules had not been followed in approving the business on Main Street. Other businesses — concerned about image — had hired a law firm to make that case to the council.

Lice are particularly active in the winter months.

Becky Kapsalis February 03, 2013 at 06:17 AM
Really Cindy? Also included in those bathrooms are sinks, with faucets that run water... and soap....do you see where I am going with this? I like the second part of your post,but you've got to admitt at the top there? Apples and oranges.
Cindy February 03, 2013 at 07:52 AM
Really Becky..?????? There are no sinks, soap and faucets in the in the Salon? Oh...by the way... Lice tend to migrate to "clean" heads which means these folks shower & use soap. Oh yea...how many people using the bathrooms in the eating establishment use the water and soap provided.....and then visit the salas bar? So many people thumb their noses at Martinez...without first getting to know us and finding out we are really good people with the same goals, dreams and desires are those living in other places with "big" incomes and perceived high standards. Now Martinez folks are doing the same thing to those we think are not living up to our opinion within our fine town of what is acceptable.....I call that sad....not apples & oranges.
Chris J Kapsalis February 03, 2013 at 10:18 AM
It was 10 feet to the front door of the lice salon and window. Look down, sand which, look up, see the word "Lice" and a lice salon, Look Down" Sandwich, " Take a bite,, look up, lice salon. It would be the same thing if it was a porn shop or dog grooming, which btw I am sure they also wash their hands. The right place in the right area as to what debate and public opinion, rules dictate, that is zoning, and for good reason. I for one would not want lice picking going on next door and across the street from my est. restaurant I worked hard opening, operating and developing a customer base, they move in> Who was there first. I would also not open an eatery next door to a lice picking salon. I think it would hurt business. That is why they zone, for appropriate businesses next to other stores, to benefit each other hopefully, or coexist, but never hurt. You have to admit a tattoo parlor next door to deli, or a pornography shop next to a day care, or a pawn shop next to a liqueur store is not appropriate, neither is a lice picking salon next to a deli. Opinion yes, but majority rules, and I believe they got it right this time.
Cindy February 04, 2013 at 01:03 AM
I personally believe this shop needed to be located off the main street to protect their customers from cruel verbal abuse and judgmental attitudes that we have seen displayed by Merchants and comments from blogs. In the new location their business will thrive and be free from this abuse. Thanks to Martinez snub..this company has received free advertising and helped people find a much needed service.
MIKE ALFORD February 04, 2013 at 05:02 AM
Cindy the problem with bringing the Lice busness to Martinez Was The Fact that it was just in the wrong spot on Main St ----- I brought yjis up at a city counsel meeting that they should have Told you people that one block over on the corner of Castro & Ward street was a vacant Doctors Office belonging to Dr.Loyola == It has 9 examing rooms feced in parking for 16 cars but see unless you pander to the local rear kissers & the city counsel that only listen to how much Density and Goverment housing to Really Turn Martinez Into Getto By The Sea ! well than they just wouldnt have any use for Real People starting up a Busness in Martinez ----- You Have to understand In Martinez If you Dont Kiss the Rings of the three special intrest Develpers --- Well than ----You could Never Get By the Martinez City counsel They are Truly The BEST CITY COUNSEL THAT MONEY HAS BOUGHT & PAID FOR ! Just a thought ---- How Many People That are On Staff Or Consulents That MAKE decisions For The Citizens Of Martinez ARE FROM -- Raised And Grew Up In Martinez ---- How Many ??? Yet They Make every Dicision That Is Made Here In Martinez ! ----- Its Not the People or its Citizens of Martinez that thumb their noses its the City Counsel & Special intrest Groups that control What they have bought and paid For ! OH Yea ! Dont BELIEVE for Moment That This Bunch Of Dead beats are Going To Have A Restraunt Built Down At Our MARINA By This December !! ITS Another Bunch Of B,S. From Our City Counsel !


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