Where to Recycle Everything in Pleasant Hill

If you have recyclable items from spring cleaning, consider dropping them off at places such as Salvation Army or Goodwill

Don't trash that old skirt that no longer fits or throw away that old paint in your shed.

There are places in and around Pleasant Hill where you can ditch things you don't use anymore without filling up the landfills.

In partnership with Allied Waste the City of Pleasant Hill offers recycling programs for all residents and commercial customers. Click here to find out about recycling opportunities within Pleasant Hill.

Paper and Plastic: 

Drop-off Locations and Hours  Contra Costa County Waste Reduction and Recycling Program's website provides information where to recycle paper, plastic and much more in the county.  Visit it here or call its hotline at 1-800-750-4096 for information. 


Drop-off Location and Hours Goodwill Industries  (Click here and type in your zip code to find the location and hours of the Goodwill store nearest you.)  Other area charities that accept clothing include St. Vincent de Paul and Salvation Army

The Hall Closet thrift shop in Martinez is completely volunteer operated and all of its proceeds help disadvantaged youth. There is also Nifty Thrift in Lafayette and the Arf Thrift Shop in Concord which benefit local non-profits. 

The Contra Costa County Waste Reduction and Recycling Program created a long list of thrift stores in the region you can find here.

Consignment stores are also a good option to recycle gently used clothing. Leah's Closet in Martinez is one option. Christie's For KidsLittle Raspberries and Ruby's Garden are just a few of the many consignment stores in the East Bay that buy and sell children's clothing.

Electronics, Computers, Cellphones: 

Drop-off Location and Hours 

Contra Costa County Waste Reduction and Recycling Program has an entire section of its website devoted to e-waste disposal options you can find here.

Staples Office Supply Stores located throughout the Bay Area, also accept computers and electronic devices for recycling. You can find out about their recycling program here. 

Paint: (Hazardous Waste)

Drop-off Location and Hours Information about what is considered hazardous waste and how to dispose of paint and other toxic materials in the county can be found here. There are hazardous waste drop-off sites in Martinez, Antioch and Richmond serving Contra Costa County residents. Keeping hazardous materials such as paint, pesticides, solvents and other chemicals out of the waste stream (where it can pollute water, air and soil) is essential.

Household Goods, Furniture: 

Drop-off Location and Hours of Operation In addition to the obvious purveyors of used household items, such as Goodwill, Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul, where you can donate goods. you might also try recycling your housewares at consignment stores.

In the East Bay you can consign your gently used household goods and furniture at one of the many places like, Consignment Plus, Consignment Arsenal, Chameleon Consignment, Second Home, and Urban Island .

You might also try listing your items for sale on EBay or Craigslist. Post your items free of charge on Craigslist or the Freecycle network.


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