Police Log: Smashed Windows, Messy Customers and Loud Music

Some of the things that kept Pleasant Hill police busy this past week.

Here are some of the items listed on the Pleasant Hill Police Department's log since Saturday.

Saturday, Dec. 1

5:07 a.m.: In a day full of problems with customers, employees at the Starbucks on Contra Costa Boulevard called to complain about a transient who had empty bottles and raw meat strewn across a table.

6:28 a.m.: Down the street, the employees at Nation's Giant Burgers called police to report a transient who was stealing ketchup and hot sauce. It's not known if this was the same man who was in the Starbucks.

2:28 p.m.: Another man was reported standing near the exit of the Toys R Us on Contra Costa Boulevard, telling people he wouldn't leave until he had received a certain amount of money from every customer.

11:39 p.m.: An auto burglary was reported in the parking lot of the Black Angus restaurant on North Main Street. The car's window was smashed and a laptop computer was taken.

Sunday, Dec. 2

In the morning hours, there were more than a dozen calls to police about flooding on neighborhood streets due to the heavy rainstorm.

11:56 a.m.: A man called to complain there was loud music coming from either Farrington's Sports Bar or its parking lot.

Monday, Dec. 3

9:18 a.m.: Police responded to a report of a Diablo Valley College officer with a head injury. It was determined someone threw an object at the female officer.

12:43 p.m.: An auto theft was reported from the parking lot of Toys R Us on Contra Costa Boulevard. A green Honda Civic was taken.

9:27 p.m.: A woman reported a piano bench was taken from her home while she was on vacation. She believes a male friend with keys to her house stole the bench.

9:52 p.m.: A vehicle was broken into in the parking lot of Magoo's Grill on Contra Costa Boulevard. The window was smashed. Unknown what objects were taken.

Tuesday, Dec. 4

1:06 p.m.: Several vehicles had their windows smashed in the parking garage on Crescent Drive. In at least one instance, change was taken from inside the vehicle.

9:01 p.m.: The windows of a Dodge truck were smashed in the parking lot of the Black Angus restaurant on North Main Street. A backpack was taken.

10:49 p.m.: A man called police to say his roommate was playing loud music on purpose in their apartment on Ryan Drive in order to keep him awake. Now, neighbors are complaining.

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