Brown Will Open Calif. Trade Office in China, Touts High-Speed Rail

California Gov. Jerry Brown gave his State of the State Address Thursday morning.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday called for stronger ties between California and China, announcing he will lead a trade and investment trip to that country in April and the state will open a trade office in Shanghai.

The announcement came during Brown's State of the State Address. He touted the strength of California's rebounding economy, promised fiscal discipline with Proposition 30 funding and compared high-speed rail to "The Little Engine That Could."

"Two years ago they were writing our obituary," Brown said. "Well, it didn't happen. California is back, our budget is balanced and we're on the move."

Brown brought up some of the same points mentioned during his budget announcement two weeks ago — namely that funding from the recently approved Proposition 30 must be spent wisely and that poor schools deserve more supplemental funding than those in well-off areas.

"Equal treatment for children in unequal situations is not justice," Brown said to applause from the legislators in attendance.

On high-speed rail, Brown described some of the first sections of track that will be built, and said construction will "finally" start this year.

"Yes, it's bold, but so is everything about California," he said, noting similar high-speed rail systems in other countries.

Brown also called for a system of two 30-mile-long, 40-foot-wide tunnels under the Delta, designed to improve ecology and ease water supply south.

He said the project would cost about $14 billion, the same as the London Olympics, but would have a lasting benefit on the state.

A transcript of Brown's speech can be viewed on the state's website here.


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Julia Pardini January 27, 2013 at 12:58 AM
Oh yes right...A trade office in China. We don't China a damn thing. The only thing we do with China is buy all the junk plus the new Bay Bridge and all the other goodies our American Manufacturers make in China. Folks we are in the middle of an Asian Invasion. Jerry Brown...what a guy...Just think how great he would have been if he stayed with the priesthood...
MIKE ALFORD January 27, 2013 at 04:02 AM
Yes just think of it ! -------------- You Know With this kind of leadership hell we just as well run up a white flag and get it over with ! This guy Govenor Moonbeam has always been a left wing radical ! Now you can see why its true Liberlisim Really Is A Mental Disorder !!!! Thats Right A Trade Office In China ! What the Hell Is Going On AMERICA ?
Dennis February 11, 2013 at 05:47 PM
If you still believe that trading with China is good for the U.S.A. Then you've been living under a rock or your a damn fool! China is on the verge of being able to ruin us economically, just by dumping our bonds on the open market. Why havn't they? Because they want complete victory, And that requires boots on the ground, with the only thing holding them back is our Nukes. If our government continues to disarm unilaterally, even that will not be enough. I fear that if we loose this Nation it will not be through a cry to arms but by a whimper from within. Leather Neck


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