How Much Employees In Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Earn

The state controller's office has released a 2011 study on salaries and benefits received by county, city and special district employees

The Central Contra Costa Sanitary District has the 53rd highest average employee salary among the 1,504 special districts listed in a new public pay study.

The state Controller's Office has put the 2011 salary and benefits information on a website. It details city, county and special district payrolls.

The average salary for special districts across California was $54,468 a year. The average salary in the Central San district was $77,589.

Here's an overview of some of those numbers.

2011 Salary Study Central San
Special Districts Employees 344 67 (average) Average Salary $77,589 $54,468 Total Wages $26.6 million $5.5 billion

Here's the top 10 wage earners in the Central San district for 2011. The employees are listed by position only.

The salaries include regular pay, overtime, lump sums and other payments. The benefits and pension are what the district contributed to the employee's plan.

Employee Salary Benefits Pension Plant Operations Division Manager
$346,800 $18,072 $9,824 General Manager
$289,905 $28,906 $18,323 Associate Engineer
$230,312 $15,615 $8,588 Director of Administration
$208,099 $2,876 $10,912 Director of Engineering
$196,103 $17,124 $14,952 Capital Projects Division Manager
$188,271 $15,799 $11,231 Director of Collection Systems Operations
$188,100 $23,483 $9,891 Associate Engineer
$170,724 $17,124 $11,265 Controller
$163,019 $29,968 $10,281 Director of Plant Operations
$157,879 $29,968 $11,182

The Central Sanitary District serves 462,000 people and businesses in Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Walnut Creek, Lamorinda and the San Ramon Valley.

Its central plant in Martinez has the capacity to process 54 million gallons of sewage a day. The district treats an average of 45 millions gallon a day.

The district maintains 1,500 miles of sewer pipe, 1,200 of which operate on gravity and don't require pumps.

The district also oversees a household hazardous waste program that collects 2 million pounds of materials a year.

In addition, there is a pharmaceutical collection program that has netted 46,000 pounds of pills and other medication.

The district also runs a recycled water program that provides 600 million gallons of reusable water a year for irrigation at golf courses, college campuses, median strips and other places.

Central San also has pollution prevention and education programs for businesses, residents and students.

Michael Scahill, the district's communications services manager, said the district's employees are technically trained, many requiring state certification. They range from workers who repair pipe to engineers who design systems.

"Our salary range is comparable to other similar agencies," added Scahill.

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