Siblings: Share Har-Bowl-esque Rivalry Stories

This year’s "Har-Bowl" — with brothers John and Jim Harbaugh coaching against each other in the Super Bowl Feb. 3 — has us thinking about sibling rivalries.

Brothers Jim and John Harbaugh will go headset to headset at Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, Feb. 3.

Jim Harbaugh coaches the San Francisco 49ers while his older brother, John, coaches the Baltimore Ravens.

John Harbaugh even pranked his family and the media by calling in on a media conference call Thursday. One interpretation: His sense of humor one-upped his little brother!

All this is producing — in football circles and American circles — interesting dinner table chat.

Tell us about the time your sibling rivalry came to a head. Share a photo of you and your sis or bro.

And if you're a 49ers fan and your sibling is a Ravens fan, is that stirring up some trash talk?

Post in our comments below.

Chris J Kapsalis January 25, 2013 at 04:37 PM
My sister was born in 1962 and me in 1965. She did what many big sisters do to their little brothers, like lock me out of the house, the car while we waited for our mom. Had me running around and open the door, lock it, laugh, I would lose it and get in trouble of course. Pick on me, tell me I had a big head pointing to a baby picture of me in a little pool with my head out of the water and body in the water. Of course it gave me a huge complex about having a huge head. In 1972 she got a Ouija board and I was 7, she had it say I was going to die before I turned 8. She said I was adopted. I asked my parents who said I wasn't. I called her a liar but she said they won't tell me because they know I would freak out. She learned what Gay meant and I thought it meant happy, so she asked me if I was gay and when I said yes she.. Well you get the idea, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. So I got her back a few times. I hid under her bed and when she came in and sat on her bed I grabbed her ankles and you never heard a scream like that! I put a fishing line out my bedroom window and put it over the roof and tied it to a balloon and a sheet over it and waited. When she was in her room I pulled it up in her window and that was fun!! I was teased and bullied until one day in the garage, 1977, I was 12. I forget what she did but I punched her in the face really hard and that ended 12 years of bullying. She knew then I was not taking it anymore.


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