“Just The Facts Ma’am, Just The Facts”

If you have a few seconds( or years?) I'll tell you what sort of Fun and Games I've had while wearing 15 pounds of Kevlar, and using a sense of humor instead of a .357 magnum.

Good Morning, and welcome to the World behind the Thin Blue Line.

As one of my favorite sayings goes: “ You only get to complain about the box score AFTER you’ve had your turn at bat”.

As you can see from my Patch Bio, I’ve been in one form of law enforcement or another over the last 30 years, and it seems that I pretty much have “done it all”.

Like most cops, I took the job not for the paycheck, or the cool “Bat-Man” belt with all the shiny toys on it, but to actually have a chance to make a positive difference in the society that I was a part of.

Being this close to some of the most liberal political venues in the United States, I’m sure many of you will scoff at that idea, but the actual truth is that I know members of my profession from all over  the country, and have interviewed hundreds of wanna-be’s as well, and that desire to “contribute” is universal.

Ground Rules:

I get to sound off, pontificate, make bad jokes, enjoy my own obscure puns, and hopefully explain things without insulting too many people. If you want a conversation, a discussion, or want your (perhaps silly) opinions debated, that’s what I’m here for.  If you are unreasonably dense, or just want to vent your spleen, I’ll ignore you, or insult you in an inventive and non-profane way.

Ask a question, get an answer : I’ll even research my responses so we all learn something.

And no, I don’t eat doughnuts !

(Hmm, Krispy Crème just opened up a drive-through window  at the Willows you say?? Hmmmm)

Topic of the week:

What is the “ Use of Force Continuum”, and why is it such a hot topic just now?

(Hint: it has nothing to do with either Star Trek or Star Wars, but ask any BART or Oakland cop, and you’ll be told that they aren’t allowed to talk publicly about much of it.)

This was National Police Week. It celebrates the sacrifices my brothers and sisters have made in the last 12 months.  Too many of us went E.O.W. this year. Did you know that it was a “record year” for line-of-duty deaths in my line of work? Do you care? I certainly do.

It has become "fashionable" recently to thank our military service members for their unswerving valor and courage overseas. As a Vietnam Vet I can only marvel at the change, and be happy for these proud patriots.

When was the last time you thanked a police officer or sheriff’s deputy for standing watch over you here at home?

Cop Trivia Questions of the Week:

Where does the Cop Term “ B Girl” come from ?

Companion Question and Hint: Where did the term “Hooker” originate??

Who said: “Just the facts ma’am, just the facts”

Don’t cheat !  No fair using Google, Ask, etc.


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Jim Caroompas May 23, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Perhaps you could expand on your contribution, Alex, and enlighten us as to the preferred origin, etymologically speaking.
Chris Kapsalis May 23, 2012 at 11:12 PM
The vast majority of police are awesome. We rarely see that on the news, we see the bad cop. Without police our society would fall into chaos. And many give their lives to protect and serve. It is too easy to hate a group that actually would actually give their life for you in a heartbeat, because of what we see over and over on the tv news and youtube. This is so great having a police officer as a blogger on Patch. I will try not to bother you too much.
The Blue Knight May 25, 2012 at 12:35 AM
Thanks Chris !! It's the occasional great comment from people like you, and the smiles and waves from little children, and from well-meaning people of all walks of life that help "balance" some of the hate-speak , and general ignorance that sometimes is vented towards a cop. I've worked as a SRO ( School Resource Officer) in several very big and hostile schools in the " City", and it's allways been the high point of my day when a student comes up to me, and thanks me for saving their friend, or being there when they were hurt in an auto accident. Small things count..like half-off Glazed donuts at Krispy Creme !!
J. Patchin May 26, 2012 at 04:39 AM
Be careful to whom you assign noble and/or legal motives. Great comments for the sake of attention are not the same as legal judicial statements. If there is "hate speak" towards a cop, it is likely that a person was done wrong in a situation. It is far too easy for the police to accept perjury from those who hold political favor. It is far too easy for men with as much power as the police have to create harm and not justice. To treat people poorly based on gossip, and not truth. On power and not justice. Do not play further games with your public position. You will not have to be here justifying yourself if you were not, and enjoying the sychophancy of the questionable, if you were not feeling weak in your position.
The Blue Knight May 26, 2012 at 04:23 PM
The " Modified Miranda Rights" for blog responses: ( with apologies to Ernesto Miranda) You have the right to remain silent (hint) Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in the court of public opinion You have the right to use an thesaurus.. (please don’t over do it) If you cannot afford a word processing program,(with spell check), one will be provided for you if you promise to not post nonsense here again Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you? 10-7


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